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Apr 10

May Cover – Sugarcube (Yo La Tengo)

Hey, it’s getting warm out so we decided to pick one of the best summer songs from one of the best summer albums of all time. I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One was a huge record for us, as I’m sure it was for a lot of you. I can remember vividly the first time I saw Ira shred a guitar on stage at Gabe’s Oasis in Iowa City. It was truly a life-changing event. Here’s our take on Yo La Tengo’s great tune, “Sugarcube”.

Listen to the right >>

Apr 10

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: Live set recap

Evan Davies over at WFMU just posted this great entry on the WFMU blog about our live set at the station:

You can get all the links there, but if you haven’t heard the WFMU set yet, it’s available for free download at the Free Music Archive right here along with the first 7″ EP and No Kontrol. There are a few unreleased tunes on there as that will probably become a part of our next LP. You heard it from Evan’s show first!

Apr 10

Soft Boys + NY Shows

Well geeez, we forgot to post about the new cover for April! It’s The Soft Boys’ classic I Wanna Destroy You, and you can listen to it and download it right over there >>. Or if you’re looking at this from anywhere but the website, go to the website and then look over here >>.

Also, we’re getting ready to hit the road for a few shows in New York. Hope to see a lot of good friends along the way and meet some new ones too. Come out to one of the shows if you can.

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