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Oct 09

Send ‘em out in style

Our pals The Fake Fictions are playing their last show ever, and while we don’t really approve of this kind of behavior, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be playing that final show with them.  Also joining us is another Chicago crew, Very Truly Yours.  We’ve been trying to hook something up with them for a while now so we’re excited to have them on the bill. This all goes down at Ronny’s in Chicago on November 20th.

In EP news, we’re finished mixing and the record is going off to Carl Saff very soon for mastering.  We’ll be hitting a few states with the new tunes in the new year, so keep an eye out for shows in your town.

Oct 09

No Control EP

We finished tracking for the (working title) No Control EP this week.  Some crazy hippie bongos got in there somehow…we’ll see if they make the cut.  Mixing over the next couple weeks and hopefully we’ll have something hot for you in the new year!

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