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Jul 09

Makin’ reccccords

Hey all, we’re going back to the stu-stu-studio this weekend to record an EP with our good buddy Johnathan Crawford (Paul Cary, Tiger Bones, France Has the Bomb).  We’re not quite sure what the plan is for release yet, but it’s probably going to be this fall and it’s probably going to be free.  The jams:

No Control
Cooler Birds
Beauty Spies
Get Sensitive

We’re going lo-fi with a 8-track tape machine and a bunch of reverb boxes. Buckle up.

Jul 09

Royal Pains

Our song, “Your Filthy Eastern Ways” from There Are No More Gentlemen will be featured on Royal Pains on the USA Network tomorrow night.  Tune in and check it out!!

Jul 09

August 13 @ The Hideout

Our first show in Chicago since April, and It’s gonna be a barn burner! We’re excited to be playing with our good friends and neighbors in Coupleskate.

August 13 – The Hideout, Chicago
9PM – Good Morning Valentine
10PM – Coupleskate
11PM – The Laureates

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