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Oct 08 v2!!

Look kids, new website!

Thanks to everybody for coming out to the Metro the other night to see us. We had a great time…hope you did too.

So hey, there’s been some misleading press lately about how we have the new album, There Are No More Gentlemen, up for free download. Truth is, we don’t. The album isn’t even out yet, but never fear. Drop date is November 11, and we’ll have it available through a number of sources then. Local shops in Chicago, Insound, Parasol Mail Order, and eventually iTunes. We’ll set things up so you can get the MP3s here as well.

You know what though, we don’t want you to leave empty-handed if you were out lookin’ for some jams, so head over to the Music page and you can download our debut EP for free. It’s 4 tracks that we put out on a 7″ a while back. Hope you dig.

Back to the new record…If you’re not yet in the know, we’ll be having a big old party for the release on November 19th at the Empty Bottle here in Chicago. Our buddies Picture Books and The Fake Fictions will be joining us, and we’re super pumped. Should be an excellent night full of music and friends. Also joining us on stage for a few tunes will be Ben Grigg of Geronimo! and Inspector Owl and Jeanine O’Toole of the 1900s. Can’t wait to see you there!

Oct 08
Oct 08
Oct 08
Oct 08

This is awesome

Wow, our buddy Mike Renaud did it again! Here’s what he made for the final release artwork for There Are No More Gentlemen. We think it’s tops. Looky looky…

Digipak Outside »
Digipak Inside »
Digipak Inside w/ CD Face »

We’re gonna throw a big ol’ party for the record release on November 19th at the Empty Bottle. Our friends The Fake Fictions are going to open it up, and we’re working on adding one more band to the bill.

Before that though, Metro on October 23rd with The Spinto Band and Frightened Rabbit! Should be a killer show. You’ll probably want to come to both if you know what’s good for ya.

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