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May 08

“There Are No More Gentlemen”

Hey everybody, we’re done with mastering! We’re giving you a free download of “A Novel Approach”, because we love you. Here it is (right-click or ctrl-click to save): A Novel Approach. Enjoy!

Thanks to Carl Saff for putting up with our indecisive ways and busting out the excellent mastering job. The artwork in the player is fake. We made it up. It’s crap. Our buddy Mike Renaud is working on some good artwork for the album. He did the art for the 7″ before, and we trust the new stuff will be equally as awesome. We’re still working on figuring out when this album is going to come out, and on what imprint. We’ll give you the scoop as soon as we know, but for now we’re hoping for sometime in September. Anyone wanna put out a record?

Also, don’t forget: Show tomorrow at Ronny’s!. See you there!

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