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Jan 08

The Phantom Manor (part 2)

“Oh man”. We spent the past weekend back at the Manor, working on guitar and bass tracks, vocals, and percussion. We’re getting pretty close on some of the songs, but 13 tunes with vocals and horns and organs and pianos and shakers and tambos can take some time, so keep your pants on. In-between takes, we watched cartoons and Guns ‘N Roses videos and wrote a new song called “Hot ‘n Ready”, inspired by Little Ceasar’s Pizza. Nobody tried to steal our beer but we ran out too fast. No, we don’t have any money for your art supplies. We’re spending it all on gold records. C’mon.

Got vox and geets and percs on these guys:

Her Fiction, Your Filthy Eastern Ways, Coronation Now!, It’s Shattering, My Association, There Are No More Gentlemen, Tomorrow Today, A Novel Approach

We’ll be back in the studio shortly to keep tracking. Stay close.

Jan 08

Roctober (Issue #44)

“Resonant, strong vocals anchor this marriage of 60′s Brit jangle and modern indie rock, making this a bit of a joy. New bands take note: see…you are not required to get a whiny singer.”

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