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Nov 07

The Laureates on WFMU

“Witching Boots” was played on Liz Berg’s radio show today on WFMU in New York. Check out the archive stream of the show here: Liz Berg on WFMU – November 12, 2007. Check out the whole show, she plays a lotta good tunes. “Witching Boots” comes in at about 2:32:45.

We’re getting a Farfisa tomorrow. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Nov 07

Tapes and tapes and microphones

Thanks to everybody who came out to the two shows last week. Our friend Joe Kirschling from Quinn Scharber and the… took some awesome photos at the Silvie’s show that you can see in the images section.

We’re gonna take a slight break from all the shows and concentrate on getting ready to record in December. We’re bidding on organs on eBay (snipers be damned), writing and learning horn parts, re-arranging some songs, and buying up all the 2″ tape on the planet. Sessions at the Manor start December 8th, and we’ll be in and out of there recording and mixing and listening to those mixes on our stereos, your car stereo, and your mother’s iPod.

We love you. We’ll be back with more songs.

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