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Oct 07

Shows shows shows

We’ve got two great shows coming up next week for you. First, we’ll be playing at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago on Thursday, November 1st with our friends Bird Ate My Donut and Milwaukee’s Quinn Scharber.

Just added today is a Chicago/Iowa City mashup with the fantastic Death Ships and Paul Cary. That one happens on Sunday, November 4th at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago.

Keep an eye on the site for more shows coming up and news about recording. See you next week!

Oct 07

Ronny’s, New Shows, Recording

Woah, it’s been a little while. Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows at the Underground Lounge and Ronny’s. Last Friday at Ronny’s was the most fun we’ve had like, ever. The Gay Baby sing-along was awesome as always, and The Gunshy sounded even better with the full band in tow. Go check those guys out while they’re on this tour if you get a chance.

We just added a show with our friends Bird Ate My Donut at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago. That one will happen on November 1st. It’s a Thursday, which is the first day of the weekend. In case you didn’t know. We’re working on booking more shows as well, so keep checking back.

The most exciting news is that we’re going to be paying a visit to Mr. Mike Lust at Phantom Manor Recording in December, where we’ll start spinning tape for what will hopefully become The Laureates’ first full-length album. We’re going to spend some time on it, so no release date is scheduled yet, but we’re gunning for sometime next year for it to hit your hands.

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