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Jul 07

Photos: Empty Bottle 07.08.2007

Thanks to everybody for coming out to the show at the Empty Bottle the other night. Our friend Greg Dizzia snapped a few photos for us. Check them out on the images page.

Thanks also to Apteka and Flying Over Iceland for being great guys and great bands. It was an awesome show and fun time all around.

See you soon.

Jul 07

New Website, Shows, Records, MP3s and..

The Laureates’ new website is finally in action! Thanks to Michael Renaud for helping out with the fonts and for the brilliant design of our first 7″, on which this website layout is based. Shouts also go out to Joseph Mohan for taking the awesome live photos that you’ll find on the images page.

We have a show at The Empty Bottle on Sunday July 8th. We’ll be playing second in a three-band lineup including Flying Over Iceland and our good friends Apteka. We’ll bring the back-beat and Apteka will provide the eye-gouger soundtrack.

We’ll also have our new 7″ complete with fresh hand-screened covers ready to go at this show. If you can’t make it to the show or if you got ants in your pants, you can write us and we’ll let you know how you can get one. OR if you like the ol’ MP3 deal, you can head on over to the music page where you can download all the jams for FREE! No joking, just make sure you tell your friends and neighbors.

If you want to know when we have shows, release stuff, what we had for lunch, or where we’re going for drinks, join the mailing list. We’ll let you know when there’s a happening.

Finally, we’re working hard to get some new tunes written and to play some shows around the Midwest. We’ll debut one of the new songs at our Empty Bottle show next Sunday. If you book shows in or around the Midwest and want us to rock the old(ish) and the new in your city, please let us know. We’d love to come see you.

Enjoy Yourselves,
The Laureates

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